When the more than 10 square meter store was relocated, more than 200 telephone calls from investors were received

ring e island said: here is a date before shop,
day long queues,
fire to go.
Two pedestrians passed by us,
a lady said to her companion.
This called plum king of the Wudaokou store has already become a legend.
Six years,
millet to Qinghe street from Yingu mansion in Beichen,
the United States mission from Tai Yue huaqingjiayuan.
Internet Co have risen rapidly from here.
It is as usual,
this area has been a landscape of the most eye-catching: regardless of the weather,
sooner or later,
in front of the customer is always Paiqichanglong,
sweet air,
also there are always new from the date of the.
A few minutes later,
the legendary boss Chen Lilai,
simple appearance and other small traders like streets,
like his shop.
He insisted on not going to the cafe and took us to a small restaurant next to him.
With the expected difference,
Chen Li on front to turn up every day and not much feeling,
blurted out are thinking framework,
user structure these rational professional vocabulary,
under this se