View, next week should pay attention to the variable time point where

ring  market again to refresh the volume,
such as removal of the market in January 7th is melted,
is since last year since the crash of the turnover downturn once,
the current market has low consolidation in four trading days,
now the trend is likely to trend in May 5th April 21st after the plunge in the replication platform,
this platform is the time of 11 days in 30 minutes,
the chart constructed central shock 2971--2975.
In this context,
the probability of market volatility into the stock game is still large,
the change may be the starting point in May 10th on the fifth trading day or eighth trading day,
that is,
next Monday or next Thursday.
Although the short-term market price range is limited,
but Friday Chonggao down,
the disk did not show too much resistance,
or that bull power was weak,
and the current to the 2850 point,
2900 point pressure,
before the bottom volume in the market,
this bit of repeated shocks are inevitable.
It is also worth noting that the recent national leaders