Millet mobile phone sales fell out of the rhythm of the first five myths shattered

ring Sina on us at the end of last year with HUAWEI for the first millet,
this year even before five are not.
In the international data company IDCs global mobile quarterly tracking report,
millet and Lenovo has been completely OPPO and VIVO thrown behind,
to the other column.
The | national financial weekly if you want to put it down to the global mobile phone sales growth decline,
seems justified.
In the first quarter of this year,
the global smart phone shipments were 334 million 900 thousand,
compared with 334 million 300 thousand in the same period last year,
an increase of only 0.
a record since the smallest year-on-year increase.
Even apple and Samsung can not escape the trend,
but they still ranked first,
but the gap with the third HUAWEI greatly reduced.
And domestic Nova OPPO and vivo,
achieve three digit rise compared to the same period.
The first five of three is rising,
and domestic friends so clearly justified this excuse.
In fact,
from the three quarter of last year,