[just] or leave or transformation of foreign enterprises in China cornered

ring  Xiaobo channel (ID: wuxiaobopd) author: Ba Ling nine editor: Mark in China,
foreign enterprises have been a very glorious years,
if a young person can enter the foreign,
it will become the other peoples children in the neighborhood.
Our earliest understanding of white-collar and petty bourgeoisie came from those who worked in foreign companies.
They have high incomes,
chic and decent,
light steps into skyscrapers and Starbucks with a huge sun umbrella at the bottom of the building.
it is obvious that,
after the new century,
the attraction of foreign companies for young people is declining.
The reason is that their performance is not very good,
and many foreign-funded enterprises can not even stand in the fierce market.
In half a month ago,
the worlds largest FMCG company Procter & Gamble released earnings,
such as the tragic decline in performance caused a series of great mansion on the point of collapse,
discussion and dispute.
in such a context,
will parti