How do you get a part-time translator from an English learning slag counter attack?

ring  movie interns author Xiong Zhanzhan this afternoon received an e-mail,
I am responsible for the translation of a book finally passed the fine evaluation into the production stage,
This is the 16 year of May,
a good beginning.
Think of yourself three years ago,
and recall the fact that you were taking an exam at four in college.
I really couldnt believe it.
Its true.
My grades in English have been poor.
CET four I will test four times,
the last time was crossed by risk.
After graduation,
I found a job in an enterprise,
and thought that I could say goodbye to English thoroughly.
The company carried out an overseas project development,
and needed to use English mail and contact with English materials.
under the pressure of RMB,
I had to try to get English back.
I remember when I was in grade four,
an English major female friend told me that the fastest way to improve my English ability is to translate English from Chinese into english.
If you think the quality is correct and no