Five years and then rushed to the 4 billion from the listing to the delisting Hot pot is how the decline of the myth of little sheep

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I [says] top reading a few years ago,
in the south this winter to minute frozen dog in the city,
and a friend said to eat Hot pot is drilling,
fragrant little sheep Hot pot shop,
eating hot Hot pot side.
Talk about life with friends,
really be good,
In the past one or two years,
who was over the little sheep all of a sudden a lot less,
only the non prime several shops are still struggling to.
it holds the thigh of yum,
obviously is a good thing,
but why has plummeted since then? Su Liangsheng,
author of business reviews,
gave the answer through the following article.
The original five years | rushed to the 4 billion,
and then from the listing to delisting! Hot pot myth little sheep is how to decline? (the authorized reprint,
source of commercial union official WeChat,
WeChat public number ID:viewswire) has been the development of little sheep as the textbook was written into the general,
a variety of successful business s