Bainiaozhaofeng and 3 for the difference between the United States team in an era of deep V film

ring v_movier life,
only a quarter of an hour on the evening of 12 Fang a kneeling,
shook the entire film industry,
a senior producer at the age of more than 60,
the growth of all things backed by  never ever meet again Guanyin Mountain and the Summer Palace,
a well-known film,
now beg row piece birds Chao Feng the.
More than 200 the issue of the team,
more than 8 months of hard work,
only in exchange for a piece of displacement premiere day more than one percent points,
despite such as Zhang Yimou,
Kaige Chen,
Tsui Hark,
Martin Scosese and the famous director,
actor came out to the site,
the fourth generation director of representative work to call the attention of the audience but,
as of 14 noon,
bainiaozhaofeng cumulative box office only reached 8 million 420 thousand,
the distance with the release of Captain America 3 829 million distance is not several times can be described,
a time difference between them.
Wu Tianming is a China film in the history of the fourth generation directo