Five years and then rushed to the 4 billion from the listing to the delisting Hot pot is how the decline of the myth of little sheep

ring he arrow up arrow above the reading,
pay attention to me,
I [says] top reading a few years ago,
in the south this winter to minute frozen dog in the city,
and a friend said to eat Hot pot is drilling,
fragrant little sheep Hot pot shop,
eating hot Hot pot side.
Talk about life with friends,
really be good,
In the past one or two years,
who was over the little sheep all of a sudden a lot less,
only the non prime several shops are still struggling to.
it holds the thigh of yum,
obviously is a good thing,
but why has plummeted since then? Su Liangsheng,
author of business reviews,
gave the answer through the following article.
The original five years | rushed to the 4 billion,
and then from the listing to delisting! Hot pot myth little sheep is how to decline? (the authorized reprint,
source of commercial union official WeChat,
WeChat public number ID:viewswire) has been the development of little sheep as the textbook was written into the general,
a variety of successful business s

Millet mobile phone sales fell out of the rhythm of the first five myths shattered

ring Sina on us at the end of last year with HUAWEI for the first millet,
this year even before five are not.
In the international data company IDCs global mobile quarterly tracking report,
millet and Lenovo has been completely OPPO and VIVO thrown behind,
to the other column.
The | national financial weekly if you want to put it down to the global mobile phone sales growth decline,
seems justified.
In the first quarter of this year,
the global smart phone shipments were 334 million 900 thousand,
compared with 334 million 300 thousand in the same period last year,
an increase of only 0.
a record since the smallest year-on-year increase.
Even apple and Samsung can not escape the trend,
but they still ranked first,
but the gap with the third HUAWEI greatly reduced.
And domestic Nova OPPO and vivo,
achieve three digit rise compared to the same period.
The first five of three is rising,
and domestic friends so clearly justified this excuse.
In fact,
from the three quarter of last year,

Bainiaozhaofeng and 3 for the difference between the United States team in an era of deep V film

ring v_movier life,
only a quarter of an hour on the evening of 12 Fang a kneeling,
shook the entire film industry,
a senior producer at the age of more than 60,
the growth of all things backed by  never ever meet again Guanyin Mountain and the Summer Palace,
a well-known film,
now beg row piece birds Chao Feng the.
More than 200 the issue of the team,
more than 8 months of hard work,
only in exchange for a piece of displacement premiere day more than one percent points,
despite such as Zhang Yimou,
Kaige Chen,
Tsui Hark,
Martin Scosese and the famous director,
actor came out to the site,
the fourth generation director of representative work to call the attention of the audience but,
as of 14 noon,
bainiaozhaofeng cumulative box office only reached 8 million 420 thousand,
the distance with the release of Captain America 3 829 million distance is not several times can be described,
a time difference between them.
Wu Tianming is a China film in the history of the fourth generation directo

View, next week should pay attention to the variable time point where

ring  market again to refresh the volume,
such as removal of the market in January 7th is melted,
is since last year since the crash of the turnover downturn once,
the current market has low consolidation in four trading days,
now the trend is likely to trend in May 5th April 21st after the plunge in the replication platform,
this platform is the time of 11 days in 30 minutes,
the chart constructed central shock 2971--2975.
In this context,
the probability of market volatility into the stock game is still large,
the change may be the starting point in May 10th on the fifth trading day or eighth trading day,
that is,
next Monday or next Thursday.
Although the short-term market price range is limited,
but Friday Chonggao down,
the disk did not show too much resistance,
or that bull power was weak,
and the current to the 2850 point,
2900 point pressure,
before the bottom volume in the market,
this bit of repeated shocks are inevitable.
It is also worth noting that the recent national leaders

How do you get a part-time translator from an English learning slag counter attack?

ring  movie interns author Xiong Zhanzhan this afternoon received an e-mail,
I am responsible for the translation of a book finally passed the fine evaluation into the production stage,
This is the 16 year of May,
a good beginning.
Think of yourself three years ago,
and recall the fact that you were taking an exam at four in college.
I really couldnt believe it.
Its true.
My grades in English have been poor.
CET four I will test four times,
the last time was crossed by risk.
After graduation,
I found a job in an enterprise,
and thought that I could say goodbye to English thoroughly.
The company carried out an overseas project development,
and needed to use English mail and contact with English materials.
under the pressure of RMB,
I had to try to get English back.
I remember when I was in grade four,
an English major female friend told me that the fastest way to improve my English ability is to translate English from Chinese into english.
If you think the quality is correct and no

[just] or leave or transformation of foreign enterprises in China cornered

ring  Xiaobo channel (ID: wuxiaobopd) author: Ba Ling nine editor: Mark in China,
foreign enterprises have been a very glorious years,
if a young person can enter the foreign,
it will become the other peoples children in the neighborhood.
Our earliest understanding of white-collar and petty bourgeoisie came from those who worked in foreign companies.
They have high incomes,
chic and decent,
light steps into skyscrapers and Starbucks with a huge sun umbrella at the bottom of the building.
it is obvious that,
after the new century,
the attraction of foreign companies for young people is declining.
The reason is that their performance is not very good,
and many foreign-funded enterprises can not even stand in the fierce market.
In half a month ago,
the worlds largest FMCG company Procter & Gamble released earnings,
such as the tragic decline in performance caused a series of great mansion on the point of collapse,
discussion and dispute.
in such a context,
will parti

When the more than 10 square meter store was relocated, more than 200 telephone calls from investors were received

ring e island said: here is a date before shop,
day long queues,
fire to go.
Two pedestrians passed by us,
a lady said to her companion.
This called plum king of the Wudaokou store has already become a legend.
Six years,
millet to Qinghe street from Yingu mansion in Beichen,
the United States mission from Tai Yue huaqingjiayuan.
Internet Co have risen rapidly from here.
It is as usual,
this area has been a landscape of the most eye-catching: regardless of the weather,
sooner or later,
in front of the customer is always Paiqichanglong,
sweet air,
also there are always new from the date of the.
A few minutes later,
the legendary boss Chen Lilai,
simple appearance and other small traders like streets,
like his shop.
He insisted on not going to the cafe and took us to a small restaurant next to him.
With the expected difference,
Chen Li on front to turn up every day and not much feeling,
blurted out are thinking framework,
user structure these rational professional vocabulary,
under this se