Two dimensional Xu Haiqiao can be B this love I feel a blast wave of Gua

ring tching entertainment,
the network drama rebirth celebrity superstar is about to wrap up,
in addition to 1 billion 300 million of the total amount of clicks,
it is worth mentioning that the seal king this role in the popularity of the network.
The tongue also playfully role for Uber actor Xu Haiqiao in the two dimension of fame,
became the new pet B station.
And off screen,
fans were called silly have many same juvenile white sweet feeling,
but a self heart girl Xu Haiqiao,
is already 33 year old uncle joe.
Debut for many years,
this time Xu Haiqiao achievement seal king,
and seal King achievement Xu Haiqiao.
Jiang Mengyao (Nandu Entertainment Weekly reporter) the rebirth of Xu Haiqiao and Zhang Xinyu play.
This B version of pet station evildoer so tempered life wont encounter the second letter scene although held quite some hasty,
but there are still nearly fifty fans from all sides in April 17th this afternoon in Hengdian,
the same day Xu Haiqiao was 33 years old,
they are t