This is the most beautiful perspective outfit I have ever seen

ring he backpack under the title,
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and listen to an architect,
a fashion illustrator,
a visual artist,
The use of a piece of paper,
a pen,
a pair of scissors and the perfect combination of the earth,
creating a different art feast.
The designer hollowed out the parts of the manuscript,
then chose the citys scenery,
or the building,
or the blue sky,
or the setting sun,
according to the clothes it designed.
Shamekh Bluwis passion for architecture and design,
and also in this series of designs,
both complement each other,
giving an unexpected visual enjoyment.
Is the combination of dress and ceiling really beautiful?.
Sometimes the two things that seem unrelated are so shocking together.
Also have to wonder,
designers really have a pair of eye.
If the beauty of Sichuan,
will wear on the skirt,
what will be like? Lets take a look at the beauty of Sichuan through these beautiful dresses.
Im sure y