The house

ring ities,
plant coverage is poor.
have you ever thought about creating a green space for yourself? Modern architecture emphasizes the use of space,
the use of each place can be used to limit the city can solve the problem of crowded space.
Of course,
it can make your home look more beautiful! We yui.
kubo this Lulu MIWU in Japan in the fairy tale house,
around the roof and houses a lot of plants,
to make the house look away feeling.
Japans international conference hall,
so Kenta Mabuchi is located in Kyushu,
the largest city in Fukuoka ACROS international conference hall,
in addition to the ladder type building is quite distinctive,
in the step on the green vegetation also let the building from the summer heat.
The Israeli resort you Andras_Csontos / Shutterstock.
com in the hotel above the bushes are trimmed into a ball shape,
it looks very lovely and interesting! Shopping malls in Toronto so this is not a general Jackman Chiu Park,
but Canada Toronto a mall roof.
Austria hotel you Inten