The 63 year old producer of live you have to kneel down and kowtow support ticket bainiaozhaofeng:

ring g B is not installed in the orange chicken soup as adorable cheap anti WeChat entertainment public number juziyule directed by the late Wu Tianming,
since Tao Zeru,
Li Mincheng starring bainiaozhaofeng since the May 6th release,
by the Captain America 3 relentless roller,
expected the box office fiasco,
a week counting only about four million real tired.
(data comes from the en arts film marketing think tank.
) Director Wu Tianming Chinese is the fourth generation leader,
in fact,
as early as the beginning of the movie,
many directors including Zhang Yimou,
Kaige Chen,
Martin Scosese,
has strongly recommended bainiaozhaofeng.
Just yesterday (May 12th),
director Ang Lee cross the ocean when recording video with director Wu Tianming in New York to talk,
he said no Wu Tianming no fifth generation,
no fifth generation movie,
there is no Chinese movie event now.
After director Ang Lee released video,
at 8 last night and one for bainiaozhaofeng canvassing,
this person is the producer fang.