The 517 holiday carnival, more than 40 products per capita 150 yuan minimum late this summer to enjoy the waves

ring  Im glad youre here.
Im sorry to say the good news can only be told in this way because of the wall across the network.
517 - Im going - traveling,
is that the right thing to say? This is a letter from Feekramp; Putike holiday invitation,
because this years days have past 1/3,
Feekr know you must also want to see the outside world,
has prepared the first session of the 517 holiday carnival for you.
In May 17th,
00:00 began in May 18th,
23:59 will offer over 40 domestic and foreign variety of holiday travel packages are all exclusive products,
promotion of 4 fold,
Southeast Asian holiday products the lowest per capita 150 yuan / night,
the big international maximum discount of nearly 4000 yuan,
the highest price is the history,
you can go to the Dragon Boat Festival,
the national day,
Mid Autumn Festival,
summer vacation to go to (holidays has restricted due to the product,
use ISO) the longest validity period to the end of the year,
but the number of co.
in the phase of the