Strongly recommend the latest Red Net - small aunt towel paper

ring  net idiotic powder,
Madam also spent time.
From research clothing,
to research makeup,
and even to carefully study the net red idol given travel strategy.
In fact,
for this new era of product,
Madam think,
like them is also a way of life.
Take Madam for example,
whether it is with clothing,
or make-up,
it was completely white,
but learned a lot,
although there is no talent,
but also can explore their own style drops! We saw before the old Xing had recommended many babies,
but the recommended aunt towel,
really make me feel laoxing close enough! In fact,
as early as in this video before,
Madam saw a video of old Xing,
intimate drops recommended for everyone aunt Sophie towels,
but also introduced their good place to use.
My heart is laughing.
Madam was at the time of Sophies brain (Zhong) shi! But this time,
I have to say,
Madam Xue is lagging behind! You said this is the old Xing video in Japan Sophie air fit new slim! They are said to be the new favorites of Japanese girls! But it is t