She was banned from divorce because of the nude play and Deng Chao, but now she is more active

ring ion to the entertainment female secret unknown PA Gua entertainment and Tang Wei,
but also because of her nude shoot was blocked,
Deng Chao and her up,
now married to outsiders,
has two twin sons she more happy than before.
She is Lei Hao,
19 years old debut,
and Li Chen talked about a screen first love.
Lei Hao was born in 1978,
is a natural beauty.
In 1996,
she was admitted to the performing Department of Shanghai Theater Academy from her hometown of Jilin.
she starred in the TV series seventeen years of no crying,
playing with Li Chen and playing Yang Yuling.
That drama can be called the classic of the year,
amazing youth,
is the memory of the 80 generation,
let Lei Hao a red cannon.
At that time Lei Hao impressed many people,
not red nor snake face,
face is collagen ah after 19 years,
two people together again,
also do not forget to relive the back lens.
In 2001,
Lei Hao appeared in the wuxia drama juvenile Huang Feihong.
She was the beautiful,
cheerful a