It opened only 10 hotels in the world, but found China's niche

ring years,
many people,
like Feekr,
have begun to pursue a niche approach to travel.
A high wire followed the newly opened to the original traffic inconvenience,
some people follow the trail of B & B found the ideal rural.
very few people follow the pace of international major hotels,
and find a niche destination that locals may not even know.
Like Lingyin Temple near Hangzhou Amman Fayun,
a small village originally abandoned into the hidden world resort.
Although the door is the Buddha college,
three Tianzhu,
not far away,
there is a big bamboo forest,
but this is the place,
10 people in Hangzhou may have 8 are not aware of.
Just over a decade ago opened the banyan tree Ringha,
village red slope where it is the oldest temple in Shangri-La,
and has a broad valley,
a simple tibetans.
More than 10 years later,
here also kept its pure,
and know the people here still only to excessive false traffic; (banyan tree Ringha buy a gift of a campaign is underway to restore 1032 panic buying!) The s