It is said that single sister is like this before going to bed

ring sin lying playing mobile phone screen can keep the action or some other elements remain unchanged,
the corresponding content change.
No one warm bed,
every time to go to bed will instantly cool a little cousin to go to bed,
bed cold,
cold like an electric shock Zizi zi.
Can a naked crossed circular icon reference traffic signs cover little cousin naked,
or labeled eighteen ban.
Start to eat breakfast tomorrow what little cousin lie in what to eat for breakfast,
out of two kinds of food,
steamed stuffed bun,
food mark said tangle.
Want to eat lunch tomorrow what little cousin lay food what is in for lunch,
some business meal / lunch,
for example Rice with Stewed Drumstick package,
pork rice.
Want to eat for dinner tomorrow what little cousin lay in to what to eat for dinner,
many dishes single,
Roasted Chicken,
Hand-Pulled Noodle.
I think really hungry,
get up to eat supper little cousin slobber,
mind these delicious delicious fantasy is very exaggerated mu