High Xiaohu innovation works selected in 2016 40 under the age of 40 investors

ring entrepreneur released in 2016 40 under the age of 40,
investors list,
this is the entrepreneurial State Research Center for fourth consecutive years,
the list,
the purpose is to help entrepreneurs find the investment performance of the highest and most investors can Bole Huiyanshizhu,
most good at helping entrepreneurs to create business value.
They based on the investors investment performance,
the value of the case,
and the individuals influence in the venture capitalist industry.
This 40 investors report: the average age of 34 years; the average occupation career threw 33 projects; the average number of items to get follow-up financing for 16; the amount of investment over the average of nearly 00 million; more than 30 investors from the investment project of the withdrawal of gains lucrative returns,
generally in 50 million dollars,
the highest reached one billion dollars.
Gao Xiaohu,
director of innovation factory investment,
selected the list by virtue of his excellent investment r