Barefoot is not afraid to wear shoes, this is the necessary basic summer

ring ends always good,
today to share with me is Zhang Zijun from Xian,
he recommended is Sperry SS loafer2-eye summer sailing shoes,
dont know what to wear shoes the next friend,
dont miss this pair of shoes with age,
and they pay more attention to their dress.
From the original sportswear,
broke into the world of juvenile,
gradually learned how to match a fit of the outfit.
What clothes to wear and what pants and shoes to wear are the compulsory courses before going out every day.
The new term has come this year Singapore is also a heavy rain in summer,
bursts of local life.
What shoes I wear in everyday leisure has become a problem for me: flip flops are very casual; turn wool and Bullock is afraid of getting wet; Redwing boots are too hot and too close to feet; Crocs? Ask the security officer to pull out the crocs.
The question kept bothering me until I saw a sailing shoe on a foreigners foot when he was invited to sea by a friend.
There was an impulse to buy,
and buy.
These shoes are ju