Amazing old times to Wuxi, the the Peach Garden in your dream!

ring t of wine,
driving a boat,
perhaps here to meet Tao Yuanming for the the Peach Garden 1 | away from the negative energy,
find a Qianmo staggered do you want to escape from the secular life has been tied up? If the heart tired,
want to find a pure land,
a sunrise and sunset of life? Why dont you stay away from the hustle and bustle,
far away from pollution,
away from all the negative energy,
find a Qianmo staggered,
for happy views,
believe that there is an audience of one thousand,
there are one thousand Hamlett.
And in seclusion,
we are in the most sincere attitude,
expect to use a whole seclusion in Taoyuan Collection hotel to interpret our hearts understand the meaning of leisure.
A 2 | Museum pastimes seclusion Taoyuan is located in Wuxi Yangshan,
around Taolin surround,
Jiangnan Hotel has typical elements,
eaves tiles and white walls of the cliff.
Taoyuan has been planned to be a semi open house in both East and West,
and the layout of the classical Jiangnan courtyard style is quite cord