[a column] this is the most authentic and brutal basketball training course

ring e most professional and cruel basketball training course that Ke fan and Wang Meng have received since the three issue.
Look at their posture and facial expressions,
you know this period,
they experienced how cruel basketball training.
Skipping practice in training,
is often practiced for mobile and balance of pace,
and is one of the methods of skipping,
skipping is cardiotraining greater strength,
but also on the muscles warm up.
Skip training in the feet,
feet alternately,
double shake,
and then change speed in training,
so that the pace of training in the habit of moving quickly.
The same hand and foot training,
hand and foot training,
you can let your body in different circumstances to coordinate,
such training can make their own faster.
European step training Europe can avoid defensive players to score points.
At first it is holding the ball to one side and jumping to the other side.
The ball moves to the other side at the same time.
The stride is big,
the rhythm and stabi