A bad state of mind, you will always be a weak person

ring ude determines life,
your mind is your master.
In real life,
we can not control our own experience,
but we can control our attitude.
We can not change other people,
but we can change ourselves.
In fact,
there is not much difference between people,
the real difference is mentality.
a persons success depends mainly on his mentality.
anger is better than life,
life is good,
there are adversity,
it can not be everywhere adversity; life has the peak,
there are bottom,
it is impossible everywhere is the bottom.
The good or peak and arrogance,
because of adversity or low and shallow life is become dejected and despondent.
In the face of setbacks,
if you just complain and get angry,
you are doomed to be a weak person forever.
self-confidence to win,
through the ages,
many people failed,
investigate the reason,
not because of incompetence,
but because of self-confidence.
Confidence is a strength,
but also a driving force.
When you are not confident,
it is difficult for you to do