7 years old, he laughed for two years without a long hair, donated to cancer children, but he had cancer

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Respond to dear.
Say love talk with your dictation every day: God sometimes is really unfair.
This is the first day of a little girl on the second grade,
she said she wanted to be a farmer grew up,
her wish is simple and honest,
like an ordinary 7 year old child,
she is also the permanent teeth,
a smile is always long on her face.
is the correct opening method really like this? In fact,
the truth is not always what you think.
The positive and optimistic child in the picture is not really a girl,
but a little boy named Vinny Desautels who lives in California,
Long hair and handsome face,
being mistaken for girls even by other little friends laugh at didnt seem strange.
But you must be surprised to know how a normal seven year old boy has such long hair and has been holding it for two years.
In fact,
he is not playing childrens temperament or have some kind of hobby,
on the contrary,
if you know why he ha