When I grew up, I found out that we loved each other the same way

my mother is always too wordy,
trouble to me too many restrictions.
Now to his being a mother,
but found that those nagging and restraint,
identical in my body.
Maybe that's the power of time.
I often think of myself as a child.
When I was a child,
I thought my mother was the best person in the world.
A little ball of wool passes her hand and becomes a sweater with different designs,
different designs and different patterns.
At that time,
wearing her sweater to go to school,
the little partner always cast envious eyes.
Mom's ability to cook is also first-rate.
Go home from school every day,
far in the lane will be able to smell the fragrance,
no time to play and buddy,
eager to go home.
Even the vegetables I have never liked,
she has a way to do super delicious,
and then