When the auto show no longer curry favor with cock wire, new exploration of automobile Internet Marketing

jing International Conference and Exhibition Center,
the 2016 Beijing auto show is nearing its end.
An international auto show,
with up to 2000 exhibitors,
is attracting the attention of the media,
which is the biggest headache for the manufacturers.
As always,
beauty is the most classical collocation.
So the car's skirts are getting shorter,
also appeared in the Shoushou and Gan Lulu by the butcher Bo out of cars.
For a while,
the auto show became synonymous with romantic,
sexy and even vulgar sex.
But where exactly does this kind of marketing go? Automobile Internet marketing can only do so? At the Beijing auto show,
there are new ways of playing.
we start from these fresh gameplay,
Bayi automobile Internet marketing communication exactly how to play?.
(right now,
under the he