What happened to the big eyed girl who missed the swallow's part?

can change life,
this truth,
in entertainment show particularly obvious.
A lot of opportunities once missed,
it means that may be missed in the limelight,
or go on a completely different path.
Now we all know,
Zhang Ziyi is renowned,
my father mother just pad the first step,
the key is to rely on Crouching.
Dragon with Oscar,
after a Xingtu magnanimous.
But at the very beginning,
Hsu Chi was the first choice for Yu Jiaolong.
Because Ang Lee felt Jen and Hsu Chi's pretty sexy wild style is in tune but it was Hsu Chi's agent Manfred Wong rejected the offer,
because Hsu Chi was in advertising,
advertising as everyone knows is less time-consuming than to make money fast,
a movie is much more cost-effective.
Jing Wong also said that if Hsu Chi was with Jen may lose,
about 5 mil