We are not poets, but we can live poetically

of green can listen to the audio May anchor Lin Jing read 03 we always advocate artisan spirit,
because in this bustling city life quickly,
fewer people know how to use a ingenuity to treat life,
do one thing,
love a person,
to slow the pace let life shine down.
This article ten Jun recommended the ferryman author to you today,
in fact,
not only those who have the talent or otherwise,
are eligible to live happy and poetic.
The paper | - the ferryman 01 Uncle Li was a carpenter,
with some sporadic work in a lumber mill,
clothes hanging every day a little wood,
but also to work to change clothes.
He was tall,
with the words now is a rough man,
when I was sick do not take medicine,
as long as the father said to Uncle Li,
I immediately obediently.
To put it in the earlier years,