The mother loves you most, but you do not know her

ay is just around the corner.
If you ask now,
how old is your mother? What day is your birthday? What do you like best? Can you blurt it out right away? I believe many people can not do it.
The person closest to you may not be the one you know best.
this short film is a talk about mother and son and mother and daughter.
One of them is that several mothers can easily report the child's birth date or even minutes,
while the child fails to report them.
In addition,
they talked about some of each other's opinions,
and it might spark your thinking.
My mother always feels like I'm not going to take care of myself,
she said.
I've grown so much,
and I've always been staring at these little details.
I think I can understand that my mother is worried that I should find a boyfriend