The darkest day of cross-border electricity suppliers may not be what you think

nce of Electronic Commerce on the billion state power network,
one of the Jingdong night away 150 million property dispute cross-border goods rumors in the industry caused a sensation,
directed at the cross-border implementation of the new deal a month after the platform began to stock,
so that the Jingdong has this behavior.
Some even said in the circle of friends,
this is the cross-border electricity supplier the darkest day.
informed sources revealed to billion state power network,
which is between the Jingdong and a service provider of the dispute,
Never mind with a new deal,
not out of stock out of stock.
It is reported that the evening of May 1st in Ningbo,
South China Merchants bonded warehouse,
Jingdong moved a number of cross-border bonded goods imported in a