of Ted Kosmatka small series: his works have been incorporated into the year's best science fiction anthology,
was adapted for the stage,
named Nebula award,
locus award award,
won the Asimov magazine readers choice award.
Among his many works,
the most familiar to Chinese science fiction readers is the observer,
who uses double slit experiments as the core of science fiction.
[short] fall to the abyss [short] bitter seeds [] ingrained novelette climbing people [] Daniel F.
's -3 sci-fi galouye my mind is that there is a God,
he will be equal to anything,
I made this.
How do I know he hasn't done anything else? Perhaps there are no days,
no places,
no extensions,
no shapes,
no sizes,
no places,
and at the same time he makes sure that I think these things exist,
just as they are