Native Institute, mutton or lamb dumplings slightly wheat

Steamed Pork Dumplings,
slightly slightly beauty,
Xiao Mei,
a ghost,
a sell pengtou.
They don't faint,
although the name,
but that is the same kind of food.
Hot wrapped in dough stuffing,
delicious drunk,
sister Liao (Han) numerous.
Guihua city (now Hohhot city) Steamed Pork Dumplings is a must,
as Beijing,
Tianjin and other places of the restaurant with Guihua dumplings,
authentic Guihua dumplings signs to showmanship.
Come to Hohhot eat dumplings,
how many points.
One is the dumplings are dumplings in Hohhot skin weighing valuation,
one or two dumplings only about eight,
almost enough to eat,
you can eat like 22 men,
don't overexert to half a catty.
Two is the old Cao Zhong,
a little wheat must have to try.
Cao Zhong Mai slightly,
at first glance is