Monaco Princess Xia Lin wears all the big names but can not win the prince's heart...

irst fashion media | Fan said: want to see only the civilian turntable,
but this is only a small part of.
(business fan produced,
reproduced please note),
the owner of the fan to talk about today,
the princess and Kate,
big walk,
people first,
the route is very different.
Princess Xia Lin of Monaco in all over the world big,
all kinds of jewelry.
She not only high value,
good taste,
strong gas field,
but also often access LV,
Akris show,
the fashion.
She also personally square in Monaco's palace,
support for the LV 2015 fashion show.
She also love to shoot a variety of large,
has repeatedly boarded the cover of vogue,
elegant temperament is also fascinated Fanzhu ~ ~ ~ Fanzhu watched a British magazine,
wrote a ranking of the royal family will wear.
Xia Lin is in sev