Mingqian Longjing wild tea full of wild taste drink Liver eyesight

grew up in the natural mountain forest,
steep mountains,
easy picking,
tea is a gourmet,
Wild tea mellow taste,
the entrance of a wild sweet,
often drinking can Qinggan Mingmu laocha is a rare good stuff.
Mingqian Longjing wild tea tea appearance was born in nature,
but not slender petite,
slender and green,
but unique charm.
Its tea is slippery and heavy,
and its aroma is deep and specific.
The water is sweet and sweet,
long and stable.
The resistance to foam is 2 to 3 times higher than that of regular tea.
Fuqing uncle tea is located in Hangzhou Yuhang District Wuchaoshan,
was on the back of his house,
walked from his home tea on just a few minutes.
Fuqing uncle tea garden in the quiet mountains,
away from the hubbub,
tea is the natural state of growth,
with a drop of