Memories of the years Turquoise

is one of the ancient gems,
with thousands of years of glorious history,
deeply loved by people at all times and in all countries.
Because of the shape of a cone,
near pine green color,
so that name.
Turquoise was used in the decoration of the first king of the crown,
in the Tibetan culture in China marks the absolute rights and status.
The ornaments made of turquoise have vivid vitality,
can remember the traces of years,
and can accompany our life.
[name] the optimal high porcelain Turquoise Bracelet [price] 1800 yuan [size] 10*8mm [weight] 18.
3g [description] the high porcelain non optimized Turquoise Bracelet,
16 plus 4,
pure hand woven,
live [name] ore high porcelain non optimized Turquoise Bracelet beads [price] 950 yuan [size] 8*7.
5mm [weight] 7.
8G [description] the high porcelain bl