It's only 24 hours a day, and it gives you 25Hours enjoyment

otels The Inn Boutique brand originated in Germany,
more than an hour per day concept,
designed to make people more leisurely and comfortable to enjoy life.
This slightly rebellious name is a clear indication of the avant-garde character of the hotel and has been sought after by the younger generation.
The editor | Allison since the 2014 establishment of the first 25 hours Hotel Bikini in Berlin,
25 Hours Hotels (hereinafter referred to as 25h) has been in Berlin,
Vienna and Zurich 5 city has 8 branches,
ready to greet those who dragged his exhausted body soul.
Although the city style is different,
the 8 25h has a unified principle -- are custom design,
or fashion,
or colorful,
offbeat or retro design,
distinct personality and brought a surprise.
Which city will yo