I heard that you love durian, Thailand gold pillow, durian golden fragrance, full of milk, so you linger

e of the more individual fruits.
The people who love it,
love it like milk fat,
smooth cheek teeth; don't love it,
absolutely is a pair of attitude at a distance! In order to durian lovers,
Yi Jun Jun good recommendation ~ that is Thailand gold pillow durian! Golden Pillow mellow sweet with freshly picked quarter imports to meet Xinzui Golden Pillow hard shell hardcore love view color yellowish flesh hedgehog like soft yellow flesh.
The aroma of mild aromatic products gentle pungent taste of durian will not flinch.
Eating sweet,
smooth pulp,
sweet deep,
so that entry-level diners for its heart.
Here a taste of durian coffee unforgettable sweet sweet creamy soft sweet flesh that is the entrance,
rich milk fragrance aftertaste tongue.
smooth and delicate,