How to wear the high music festival is the latest summer fashion trends in here.

tudded Coachella Festival is over! In this life,
eating soil should go once,
and naturally there is competition in dress and dressing.
Mount an inventory of the 18 star sister trendsetter collocation,
it may give you some inspiration ~ Kendall Jenner head Nezha Kim's sister is lovely to explode,
of course as a whole is very harmonious,
Moldova sister can only say: very down to earth.
Bella Thorne Bella is a good example of this.
Although there are a lot of complex accessories,
the overall coordination is pretty good.
Alessandra Ambrosio only Alessandra can rock Boho's supermodel Chic ah,
in contrast to win quality accessories,
it seems that this is Alessandra won.
Who says girls can only ride a style? The most popular bomber jacket,
a body immediately and Coachella the most beautiful sunse