Help you figure out exactly how many stocks have had A shares in the last 3 years

ifference in valuation at home and abroad,
the stock market will return to the A-share market,
A is becoming a beautiful scenery of the capital market.
Even before the rapid adjustment of the market phase,
the stock market backdoor target stock is still showing a hot trend.
for A share investors,
how to share the stock return of the feast? In March 2,
the giant network backdoor century cruise SFC by the conditions,
means that the Internet giant backdoor has no real obstacle,
will become a Focus Media backdoor HEDY holding second through the backdoor landing A shares of the shares.
Benefit from the stock return backdoor,
HEDY holding,
century cruise were pulled out of the 7 consecutive and 20 trading board,
wealth effect caused by the backdoor shares in return greatly arouse pas