Car come together, Jiaxing ice breaking bus sharing economic data source open behind the big pattern

he problem of urban traffic,
public transport should be the ultimate positive solution.
The poor also drive,
perhaps the symbol of urban affluence; the rich also take the bus,
it is a symbol of urban civilization.
Uber drops,
the travel share mode,
can alleviate traffic pressure in the city to a certain extent,
but the relief is at best only a difficult part to ease traffic congestion is only sometimes become an utterly inadequate measure,
baoxinjiuhuo add role.
Only public transport,
is to solve the congestion and taxi and other difficult urban traffic pressure kingly way.
But in the era of mobile Internet and sharing economy,
how should public transport find a new pattern which is more suitable for future development in the change of the times? In April 27th,
the car arrived and App wa