B12 * ten big new media course, how to move hundreds of millions of potential users

en the Internet + era,
network is thrown to God to change the fate of the olive branch,
some people consider the Internet sent by the devil to destroy life of great scourges.
no matter what you think,
our lives have been coerced to the internet.
What matters is not its pattern,
but how you choose it.
This time,
we chose rebellion.
We take the 10 phase as a series,
select a focal point,
carefully comb the related pain points,
invite industry practitioners,
and build an efficient learning system.
This time,
we have chosen to combat the pain of learning in the Internet,
to the center,
noise pollution.
Trying to traditional systematic teaching,
challenging the changing times.
There also have surgery,
serious and interesting,
each faction also like nature itself.
B12 big