A tumor doctor's sincere confession is also a love letting go

Jin source: Health Daily (ID:jkb1931) for advanced incurable cancer patients,
who is incurable? Who says give up? Who says,
let him go? Looking at the sick man on the bed,
how many parents would like to leave? Several children dare to give up? For cancer was as thin as a threadpaper,
not dripping into it,
dying patients,
who will give them free? This is a medicine for more than 30 years the cancer surgeon sincere confession,
witnessed many blindly rescue invalid,
cost of medical resources,
patients suffer limited,
family involvement,
treatment of the same oil like boil,
he called for respect for life: sometimes give up is medicine,
with respect to the dignity of patients,
leave also,
medical care.
16 years is not the withered season morning,
Cheng doctor pathological rep