I heard that you love durian, Thailand gold pillow, durian golden fragrance, full of milk, so you linger

e of the more individual fruits.
The people who love it,
love it like milk fat,
smooth cheek teeth; don't love it,
absolutely is a pair of attitude at a distance! In order to durian lovers,
Yi Jun Jun good recommendation ~ that is Thailand gold pillow durian! Golden Pillow mellow sweet with freshly picked quarter imports to meet Xinzui Golden Pillow hard shell hardcore love view color yellowish flesh hedgehog like soft yellow flesh.
The aroma of mild aromatic products gentle pungent taste of durian will not flinch.
Eating sweet,
smooth pulp,
sweet deep,
so that entry-level diners for its heart.
Here a taste of durian coffee unforgettable sweet sweet creamy soft sweet flesh that is the entrance,
rich milk fragrance aftertaste tongue.
smooth and delicate,

2 million people fled northeast real people less car loss crisis why

he top concern,
Tencent finance,
to experience more exciting content,
lead FAW Group's several listed companies recently released a worrying quarterly,
two losses,
a decline in profits.
These shocking earnings are putting new pressure on the northeast economy,
which is trying to achieve full revitalization.
FAW Group's several listed companies recently issued a worrying quarterly,
two losses,
a decline in profits.
These shocking earnings are putting new pressure on the northeast economy,
which is trying to achieve full revitalization.
This also confirms the view made by Xu Shaoshi,
director of the national development and Reform Commission,
published in the article signed by the people's daily in May 1,
2009: the overall revitalization of the old industrial bases such as the northeast i

Help you figure out exactly how many stocks have had A shares in the last 3 years

ifference in valuation at home and abroad,
the stock market will return to the A-share market,
A is becoming a beautiful scenery of the capital market.
Even before the rapid adjustment of the market phase,
the stock market backdoor target stock is still showing a hot trend.
for A share investors,
how to share the stock return of the feast? In March 2,
the giant network backdoor century cruise SFC by the conditions,
means that the Internet giant backdoor has no real obstacle,
will become a Focus Media backdoor HEDY holding second through the backdoor landing A shares of the shares.
Benefit from the stock return backdoor,
HEDY holding,
century cruise were pulled out of the 7 consecutive and 20 trading board,
wealth effect caused by the backdoor shares in return greatly arouse pas

The assets you should configure most are

investment clock has been hailed as the classic theory of the investment community.
It combines the most intuitive economic data with the performance of asset prices,
tells you when to configure stocks,
when to configure bonds,
and when to hold cash.
the classic Merrill clock was played by the Chinese capital market as Merrill electric fan.
Two years of the bond bull market began to differentiate,
credit spreads began to expand,
the stock market is untraceable,
investment hot switching rapidly in all kinds of assets,
asset allocation to a spring storm.
How to survive the asset allocation storm? What you need to do is a large proportion of security pads,
high yield,
relatively stable bond funds,
a small proportion of investment in the ability to choose more quantitativ

It's only 24 hours a day, and it gives you 25Hours enjoyment

otels The Inn Boutique brand originated in Germany,
more than an hour per day concept,
designed to make people more leisurely and comfortable to enjoy life.
This slightly rebellious name is a clear indication of the avant-garde character of the hotel and has been sought after by the younger generation.
The editor | Allison since the 2014 establishment of the first 25 hours Hotel Bikini in Berlin,
25 Hours Hotels (hereinafter referred to as 25h) has been in Berlin,
Vienna and Zurich 5 city has 8 branches,
ready to greet those who dragged his exhausted body soul.
Although the city style is different,
the 8 25h has a unified principle -- are custom design,
or fashion,
or colorful,
offbeat or retro design,
distinct personality and brought a surprise.
Which city will yo

Monaco Princess Xia Lin wears all the big names but can not win the prince's heart...

irst fashion media | Fan said: want to see only the civilian turntable,
but this is only a small part of.
(business fan produced,
reproduced please note),
the owner of the fan to talk about today,
the princess and Kate,
big walk,
people first,
the route is very different.
Princess Xia Lin of Monaco in all over the world big,
all kinds of jewelry.
She not only high value,
good taste,
strong gas field,
but also often access LV,
Akris show,
the fashion.
She also personally square in Monaco's palace,
support for the LV 2015 fashion show.
She also love to shoot a variety of large,
has repeatedly boarded the cover of vogue,
elegant temperament is also fascinated Fanzhu ~ ~ ~ Fanzhu watched a British magazine,
wrote a ranking of the royal family will wear.
Xia Lin is in sev

of Ted Kosmatka small series: his works have been incorporated into the year's best science fiction anthology,
was adapted for the stage,
named Nebula award,
locus award award,
won the Asimov magazine readers choice award.
Among his many works,
the most familiar to Chinese science fiction readers is the observer,
who uses double slit experiments as the core of science fiction.
[short] fall to the abyss [short] bitter seeds [] ingrained novelette climbing people [] Daniel F.
's -3 sci-fi galouye my mind is that there is a God,
he will be equal to anything,
I made this.
How do I know he hasn't done anything else? Perhaps there are no days,
no places,
no extensions,
no shapes,
no sizes,
no places,
and at the same time he makes sure that I think these things exist,
just as they are

B12 * ten big new media course, how to move hundreds of millions of potential users

en the Internet + era,
network is thrown to God to change the fate of the olive branch,
some people consider the Internet sent by the devil to destroy life of great scourges.
no matter what you think,
our lives have been coerced to the internet.
What matters is not its pattern,
but how you choose it.
This time,
we chose rebellion.
We take the 10 phase as a series,
select a focal point,
carefully comb the related pain points,
invite industry practitioners,
and build an efficient learning system.
This time,
we have chosen to combat the pain of learning in the Internet,
to the center,
noise pollution.
Trying to traditional systematic teaching,
challenging the changing times.
There also have surgery,
serious and interesting,
each faction also like nature itself.
B12 big

[college entrance examination help daily live answer] analytic geometry should be how to grasp?

e entrance examination for entrance to help answer [Monday Monday broadcast live Q & A] analytic geometry due to complex and diverse forms,
has been difficult to solve the problem,
many students in analytic geometry grasp a lot worse,
many students have knowledge and put forward the corresponding problems.
In this regard,
Yao Yao teacher targeted response to the common problems of students.
The following is a summary of this question and answer,
we hope to learn mathematics,
especially the geometry part of the help.
examination time allocation question 1: teacher,
how can I do a few questions in such a short time,
general solution,
a kind of topic? Analytic geometry also has many types of questions,
Yao Yao teacher: understanding of the foundation

A tumor doctor's sincere confession is also a love letting go

Jin source: Health Daily (ID:jkb1931) for advanced incurable cancer patients,
who is incurable? Who says give up? Who says,
let him go? Looking at the sick man on the bed,
how many parents would like to leave? Several children dare to give up? For cancer was as thin as a threadpaper,
not dripping into it,
dying patients,
who will give them free? This is a medicine for more than 30 years the cancer surgeon sincere confession,
witnessed many blindly rescue invalid,
cost of medical resources,
patients suffer limited,
family involvement,
treatment of the same oil like boil,
he called for respect for life: sometimes give up is medicine,
with respect to the dignity of patients,
leave also,
medical care.
16 years is not the withered season morning,
Cheng doctor pathological rep

Let you from the inside to the outside, to fly some things, look at the first one was cured

t compulsive,
will make you cool to fly the figure,
feel free to look at this watch ~ Mapo Tofu placed inexplicable bookshelves must be filled with cool ~ is put together the perfect circular shape of the same color,
it is feel~ who also don't want to take the time from the middle of the carrot peeler is cool the finishing line it is the art of beauty of this general body will not box is must be full of things,
but also the best fit ~ this is the difference between a perfectionist and ordinary people's life are a reading feeling,
this is feel bel cool!

er said the two day of the Putian Department of hospital said many also see more than Putian,
today to talk about another famous industry,
footwear industry,
Putian shoes are famous,
eight sister will not repeat,
do not know can use Baidu Search (although also mentioned Baidu,
but the reality is that for the majority of the masses,
as if nothing else can be used in addition to Baidu.
BUT never mind tomorrow,
eight sister to push a content will teach you how to identify false information from Internet information in the multitude obtain true and effective information,
and you remember to pay attention to eight sister WeChat).
Some time ago,
seems to have a double named NMD shoes Tinghuo,
but the purchase,
but the eight sister believe to buy shoes if you really go to Putian can definitely

[employment] Shanghai applied technology university intends to recruit 125 staff members to sign up today

to work in Colleges and universities pay attention to the cheese ~ recently officially renamed the Shanghai applied technology university intends to open recruitment of staff of 125 people,
of which 102 special technical positions,
23 management positions.
Cover teachers,
experimental technology and many other positions.
Sign up until May 20th today.
What are the recruitment requirements and specific requirements? Hurry to drop down Shanghai University of Applied Science staff open recruitment announcement of Shanghai University of technology is a nearly 60 year history to work as the main characteristic of the full-time undergraduate higher education.
In order to promote the leaping development of the university to further deepen the reform of the cadre and personnel system,

We are not poets, but we can live poetically

of green can listen to the audio May anchor Lin Jing read 03 we always advocate artisan spirit,
because in this bustling city life quickly,
fewer people know how to use a ingenuity to treat life,
do one thing,
love a person,
to slow the pace let life shine down.
This article ten Jun recommended the ferryman author to you today,
in fact,
not only those who have the talent or otherwise,
are eligible to live happy and poetic.
The paper | - the ferryman 01 Uncle Li was a carpenter,
with some sporadic work in a lumber mill,
clothes hanging every day a little wood,
but also to work to change clothes.
He was tall,
with the words now is a rough man,
when I was sick do not take medicine,
as long as the father said to Uncle Li,
I immediately obediently.
To put it in the earlier years,

Global Disney paradise will eat list, circle of friends pull hatred, essential love travel

d shaped Beijing Roast Duck pizza,
Minnie head shape red bean bag,
grilled squid with Shanghai rice.
the Disney Shanghai resort was first public.
When Disney elements hit China's eight major cuisines,
these big holes in the opening of the food attracted many people eager to itch.
At present,
there are more than a month to leave the garden,
can not eat,
how to do? First look at the other Disney parks which have the same astonishing delicacy.
Disney Disneyland of California Disneyland Park California Disney Disneyland Resort opened in 1955,
is the first Disney theme park,
two theme park (California Disney Park,
Disney's California adventure),
three theme park and a town of Disney.
The French doughnuts are always at the happy Disney world,
and the recommended foods are always wrap

Learn how to do it so that you can sleep late and eat your own hearty breakfast

eo | micro up position (ID:wezeit-video) in the up position,
all copyright micro shop owners authorized to release in a hearty breakfast and who said it may not be possible? Big breakfast,
three minutes is enough for you lazy cancer of chowhound,
learning! The two-dimensional code is not just so cool to see you on creative shop,
the shop owner takes you to open up position,
we can recognize the brain two-dimensional code can be read oh!

Car come together, Jiaxing ice breaking bus sharing economic data source open behind the big pattern

he problem of urban traffic,
public transport should be the ultimate positive solution.
The poor also drive,
perhaps the symbol of urban affluence; the rich also take the bus,
it is a symbol of urban civilization.
Uber drops,
the travel share mode,
can alleviate traffic pressure in the city to a certain extent,
but the relief is at best only a difficult part to ease traffic congestion is only sometimes become an utterly inadequate measure,
baoxinjiuhuo add role.
Only public transport,
is to solve the congestion and taxi and other difficult urban traffic pressure kingly way.
But in the era of mobile Internet and sharing economy,
how should public transport find a new pattern which is more suitable for future development in the change of the times? In April 27th,
the car arrived and App wa

The darkest day of cross-border electricity suppliers may not be what you think

nce of Electronic Commerce on the billion state power network,
one of the Jingdong night away 150 million property dispute cross-border goods rumors in the industry caused a sensation,
directed at the cross-border implementation of the new deal a month after the platform began to stock,
so that the Jingdong has this behavior.
Some even said in the circle of friends,
this is the cross-border electricity supplier the darkest day.
informed sources revealed to billion state power network,
which is between the Jingdong and a service provider of the dispute,
Never mind with a new deal,
not out of stock out of stock.
It is reported that the evening of May 1st in Ningbo,
South China Merchants bonded warehouse,
Jingdong moved a number of cross-border bonded goods imported in a

Without you, I might never talk to people on my own initiative

ave you not been touched? Read this warm story.
Do you know that I am worried about you tells the story of everyday care,
companionship and listening.
14 touching stories,
14 kinds of meeting and attachment,
pry the deepest hidden corner of your heart.
You were so sad,
but you couldn't cry.
you can cry as much as you can.
Thank you for coming to my home.
The girls in the pass don't want to talk to me.
I was not very talkative,
but one day,
the girls seemed to say yes,
and suddenly ignored me.
I think I broke my head and can't figure out why they do it.
I became a lonely man.
I can't talk to anyone at school.
it became difficult to speak.
For me,
every day is a torment.
Going to school has become a painful thing,
painful and helpless.
It's like walking into a dark tunnel and n

When I grew up, I found out that we loved each other the same way

my mother is always too wordy,
trouble to me too many restrictions.
Now to his being a mother,
but found that those nagging and restraint,
identical in my body.
Maybe that's the power of time.
I often think of myself as a child.
When I was a child,
I thought my mother was the best person in the world.
A little ball of wool passes her hand and becomes a sweater with different designs,
different designs and different patterns.
At that time,
wearing her sweater to go to school,
the little partner always cast envious eyes.
Mom's ability to cook is also first-rate.
Go home from school every day,
far in the lane will be able to smell the fragrance,
no time to play and buddy,
eager to go home.
Even the vegetables I have never liked,
she has a way to do super delicious,
and then

Mingqian Longjing wild tea full of wild taste drink Liver eyesight

grew up in the natural mountain forest,
steep mountains,
easy picking,
tea is a gourmet,
Wild tea mellow taste,
the entrance of a wild sweet,
often drinking can Qinggan Mingmu laocha is a rare good stuff.
Mingqian Longjing wild tea tea appearance was born in nature,
but not slender petite,
slender and green,
but unique charm.
Its tea is slippery and heavy,
and its aroma is deep and specific.
The water is sweet and sweet,
long and stable.
The resistance to foam is 2 to 3 times higher than that of regular tea.
Fuqing uncle tea is located in Hangzhou Yuhang District Wuchaoshan,
was on the back of his house,
walked from his home tea on just a few minutes.
Fuqing uncle tea garden in the quiet mountains,
away from the hubbub,
tea is the natural state of growth,
with a drop of

The mother loves you most, but you do not know her

ay is just around the corner.
If you ask now,
how old is your mother? What day is your birthday? What do you like best? Can you blurt it out right away? I believe many people can not do it.
The person closest to you may not be the one you know best.
this short film is a talk about mother and son and mother and daughter.
One of them is that several mothers can easily report the child's birth date or even minutes,
while the child fails to report them.
In addition,
they talked about some of each other's opinions,
and it might spark your thinking.
My mother always feels like I'm not going to take care of myself,
she said.
I've grown so much,
and I've always been staring at these little details.
I think I can understand that my mother is worried that I should find a boyfriend

What are the highlights of Po Chun's 310 auto show?

in the venture capital,
listed blurt out of the business community,
can calm down to build businesses that don't have much,
Po Chun is a.
While the SGMW system is also a great Po Chun woxinchangdan.
At the fourteenth Beijing motor show in April 25,
SAIC GM Wuling's car brand,
Chun Chun automobile (referred to as Bao Jun),
released its new platform sedan - Bao Jun 310.
This is Bao Jun following Bao Chun 730,
Bao Jun 560 after the paragraph has been much concerned about the market models,
for a small car,
or even the whole of China's own brands,
the heat of this concern is unique.
Po Chun 310,
not ordinary conference in the Po Chun 310 conference,
not only the shareholders - SAIC SAIC GM Wuling Group Chairman Chen Hong,
SAIC President Chen Zhixin,
GM CEO Dan Aman,
GM global executive

When the auto show no longer curry favor with cock wire, new exploration of automobile Internet Marketing

jing International Conference and Exhibition Center,
the 2016 Beijing auto show is nearing its end.
An international auto show,
with up to 2000 exhibitors,
is attracting the attention of the media,
which is the biggest headache for the manufacturers.
As always,
beauty is the most classical collocation.
So the car's skirts are getting shorter,
also appeared in the Shoushou and Gan Lulu by the butcher Bo out of cars.
For a while,
the auto show became synonymous with romantic,
sexy and even vulgar sex.
But where exactly does this kind of marketing go? Automobile Internet marketing can only do so? At the Beijing auto show,
there are new ways of playing.
we start from these fresh gameplay,
Bayi automobile Internet marketing communication exactly how to play?.
(right now,
under the he

Look at how Japanese housewives save Virgo's washing

e streets of Japan,
whether naughty children or hard working people are neatly packed,
whether simple uniforms or ordinary white shirts are exceptionally clean? Because Japanese housewives have Virgo's picky spirit,
they promote home and personal cleanliness to perfection! What tricks do they have? Choose detergent containing enzymes,
you know? Japan is now one of the most popular items like enzymes,
in fact,
the enzyme can be divided into many kinds,
adding enzymes after washing products will effectively enhance the detergency Oh,
add detergent enzymes can effectively penetrate into the fibers in the dirt,
especially oil,
will bring out the decomposition.
Choose a detergent public antibacterial effect particularly exposed to bacteria,
especially children,
whether in kindergarten,

Native Institute, mutton or lamb dumplings slightly wheat

Steamed Pork Dumplings,
slightly slightly beauty,
Xiao Mei,
a ghost,
a sell pengtou.
They don't faint,
although the name,
but that is the same kind of food.
Hot wrapped in dough stuffing,
delicious drunk,
sister Liao (Han) numerous.
Guihua city (now Hohhot city) Steamed Pork Dumplings is a must,
as Beijing,
Tianjin and other places of the restaurant with Guihua dumplings,
authentic Guihua dumplings signs to showmanship.
Come to Hohhot eat dumplings,
how many points.
One is the dumplings are dumplings in Hohhot skin weighing valuation,
one or two dumplings only about eight,
almost enough to eat,
you can eat like 22 men,
don't overexert to half a catty.
Two is the old Cao Zhong,
a little wheat must have to try.
Cao Zhong Mai slightly,
at first glance is

I turned 1006 names and found it interesting for Americans to take Chinese names

nese students who work in China work Chinese names? A | Yan Yanghan scientist is how Chinese name? I made a census of their names.
The reason for this statistic was the question of how Chinese Americans who studied Chinese / worked in China saw Chinese names that day After the question,
I thought it was fun,
and I discussed it with a friend.
I: in the impression,
many foreigner's name is the sentiment world Ping that kind of style.
She: Yes,
that's right.
Me: I feel like Chinese people,
I choose names with good meaning,
but I don't know why it feels strange.
She: their Chinese names are also slightly related to English names.
It seems to have special love ,
and the Bu Pu Pu surname.
Me: good magic.
She: there is no pronunciation in English.
It seems t

What happened to the big eyed girl who missed the swallow's part?

can change life,
this truth,
in entertainment show particularly obvious.
A lot of opportunities once missed,
it means that may be missed in the limelight,
or go on a completely different path.
Now we all know,
Zhang Ziyi is renowned,
my father mother just pad the first step,
the key is to rely on Crouching.
Dragon with Oscar,
after a Xingtu magnanimous.
But at the very beginning,
Hsu Chi was the first choice for Yu Jiaolong.
Because Ang Lee felt Jen and Hsu Chi's pretty sexy wild style is in tune but it was Hsu Chi's agent Manfred Wong rejected the offer,
because Hsu Chi was in advertising,
advertising as everyone knows is less time-consuming than to make money fast,
a movie is much more cost-effective.
Jing Wong also said that if Hsu Chi was with Jen may lose,
about 5 mil

Don't bother with what to recall (Hao Wen)

ealize how precious life is,
you will cherish it.
But the best way to cherish your life is not to preserve it,
but to toss about yourself and burn your life thoroughly.
Toss' work,
is respect for the dream.
Don't toss,
negative life gives you a chance to play in life.
Don't toss,
take what memories.
If the distance to attract you,
then go to toss for you today at recommended at 2016 at the dream on the road can not miss the 16 spiritual home - - - I choose to press the two-dimensional code,
click on the map to identify two-dimensional code concern CEO management ID:ceo-888888 long Press quotes the two-dimensional code recognition attention has 650 thousand CEO community platform.
There are no funds,
no funds,
please pay attention to the message.
Entrepreneurship is a lon

The United States, the National University New Campus Belle crying list released in your school you have a goddess

he all Japanese fan community (ID:iJapan520).
Here's everything you want to know about Japan.
Did you make it? Now the community Jun top,
please click on the home page at the upper right corner of the icon head! News collated from the network world,
April school beauty,
sister study MOE sister provoke drunk.
From Tsinghua milk tea sister,
to the National People's Congress school beauty Kang Yikun,
and then to Peking University School Beauty Yuan Jiayi.
School beauty so much,
attracted countless otaku competing onlookers.
Remember before the Japanese beauty contest competition caused by repeated questioning,
come to see the domestic beauty,
whether it will shine? Recently,
the major universities and the undercurrent,
a school chosen smokeless war has already started.
Many otaku brush

How to wear the high music festival is the latest summer fashion trends in here.

tudded Coachella Festival is over! In this life,
eating soil should go once,
and naturally there is competition in dress and dressing.
Mount an inventory of the 18 star sister trendsetter collocation,
it may give you some inspiration ~ Kendall Jenner head Nezha Kim's sister is lovely to explode,
of course as a whole is very harmonious,
Moldova sister can only say: very down to earth.
Bella Thorne Bella is a good example of this.
Although there are a lot of complex accessories,
the overall coordination is pretty good.
Alessandra Ambrosio only Alessandra can rock Boho's supermodel Chic ah,
in contrast to win quality accessories,
it seems that this is Alessandra won.
Who says girls can only ride a style? The most popular bomber jacket,
a body immediately and Coachella the most beautiful sunse

Memories of the years Turquoise

is one of the ancient gems,
with thousands of years of glorious history,
deeply loved by people at all times and in all countries.
Because of the shape of a cone,
near pine green color,
so that name.
Turquoise was used in the decoration of the first king of the crown,
in the Tibetan culture in China marks the absolute rights and status.
The ornaments made of turquoise have vivid vitality,
can remember the traces of years,
and can accompany our life.
[name] the optimal high porcelain Turquoise Bracelet [price] 1800 yuan [size] 10*8mm [weight] 18.
3g [description] the high porcelain non optimized Turquoise Bracelet,
16 plus 4,
pure hand woven,
live [name] ore high porcelain non optimized Turquoise Bracelet beads [price] 950 yuan [size] 8*7.
5mm [weight] 7.
8G [description] the high porcelain bl