Terrorism suspect says he just a sportsman

Terrorism suspect says he just a sportsman

He says he a not a terrorist.

Aaron Greene, who was arrested with his pregnant Dalton School grad girlfriend after cops found explosive powder, shotguns, ammo and a Encyclopedia in their Greenwich Village apartment, yesterday told The Post that the bombmaking material was for an not a terror plot.

was a very small amount of experimental fireworks, Greene, 31, said at Rikers Island, where he has been held without bail after police discovered seven grams of explosive powder HMTD in the couple West Ninth Street pad Saturday.

was going to take it out in the country and try it out just an experiment, said Greene.

not involved in any political causes, said Greene. a good person, despite all that been said . . . I had no intention of doing damage or hurting anyone. the son of prominent architectural restorer Jeff Greene was previously sentenced to a year in prison for stabbing a Lower East Side bouncer in 2005. Last year, he was sentenced to five months in jail after he and girlfriend Morgan Gliedman, 27, were spotted in a car with heroin inside, and a Ruger Mini14 assault rifle in the trunk.