MSN Video wont play

MSN Video wont play

I cant get MSN Videos to play, though other media will play. Have been working with MSN tech sup but no solutions have worked. We have XP Home Edition, have the latest version of Windows Media Player, have done everything the tech sup suggests:

verify active scripting, activeX and Java not blocked

MS Internet Explorer security set to mediumHere it gets sort of confusing. We got a new firewall ZoneAlarm, then we got high speed access. Still can see videos that dont use MSN Video.

I found out my husband downloaded the XP SP2, so thought that was the cause. uninstalled it and the MSN Video worked. the first time I ran a video that is. Then we got locked out again. So I reinstalled the SP2, and still could not get in. Rechecked all the scripting etc mentioned above too. still no video. This step is to make sure no system files need refreshing.

2 Visit Windows Update, and install the update under Optional it does NOT show up as a Critical Update that originally shows in the list as Windows XP Update you have to click on the plus + sign in front of it to see the details The one you want updates media players to be able to play DRMprotected content. DRM Digital Rights Management

3 Keep visiting Windows Update, after each session of updates install, to make sure that there are no Critical patches that need installing sometimes they have to patch the patch