Simple steps to recharge car battery

Simple steps to recharge car battery

The function of the car battery is to power the electrical parts of the car. Essential for your vehicles smooth running, it is usually taken for granted. However, when the battery loses its charge, you may end up being stranded with your vehicle. Checking your battery at regular intervals can hugely help in preventing a potential problem and give you a warning in advance.

Over the years, there have been several advances meant to carry out improvements in the longevity and durability of a car battery. On an average, almost all batteries need a recharge in 23 years. However, we often overlook the servicing of the batteries till such time as our car fails to start or we get stranded on the way.

1. If you are wondering about How to Recharge Car Battery, you need to have awareness about the fact that it is best to charge the battery after disconnecting it from the car. First, you must remove the battery from the car. The charger with lengthy cables can be used to do the job.

2. In case of a frozen battery, you are required to warm it up first before you start charging it. If you face a hitch with the battery in the chilly weather, disconnect the battery from the car and keep it inside for a couple of hours. An effort to warm it beforehand will reduce the chances of cracking the battery that may require a replacement.

3. There is no need to fully charge a battery in order to start the car. It is worth knowing that if you drive for more than 30 minutes, the battery gets fully charged during the period. Once the car gets started, you can let the car remain running for a while to ensure sufficient amount of charging.

4. Before recharging the battery, make certain that the terminals of the battery are clean. If you find them coated by a whitish powder, you should scrape it off with the help of a manual sandpaper pad.

5. You should always check the level of charge before removing charger from the battery. You can check after 2030 minutes. If you see the need of replacement, you should try to charge it enough so you are good to reach the repairs shop.

6. You can use jumper cables to recharge your car battery. General safety rules need to be observed for jumping or charging of the car battery. Make sure you keep your eyes and face protected during charging through this method. Attach the jumper cables with utmost care.

7. You should keep checking the connection of charger by turning on the headlamps of the car receiving the charge. If they are bright and continue to glare brightly for a minute, the connection is fine to carry on the charging.

If a battery requires frequent recharges, it implies that the battery is not in good shape and needs to be changed. You can also use a trickle charger for effective charging.

While recharging car battery, battery acid present in car battery can lead to severe burns. It is essential to clean it immediately with clean water and seek immediate medical attention in case you experience a stinging burning sensation. It is advised that gloves and goggles should be worn while carrying/handling batteries. Be cautious about the splattering of the battery while charging. To prevent overcharging, you can use a hydrometer.

A goodquality battery will last longer even under hostile conditions. By following these simple tips to service your battery and with regular charging, you can tide over several kinds of battery problems.

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