Pros Cons for PPC Advertising

Pros Cons for PPC Advertising

Pay Per Click has emerged as a relatively popular marketing tool over the years in the internet marketing industry. It involves paying each time a user clicks on your link.

It is an internet advertising method where advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to particular product or service. Subsequently, advertisers have to make payments for visits based on keywords chosen by them. Higher bids usually get the top listing. Lets say that in a search engine three advertisers bid on that same keyword website. Consequently, advertisers submit their bids on the same keyword, like $1, $2, and $3 respectively. So, whenever a visitor clicks on an advertisers listing, the advertiser will be charged as per their bid amount.

Bid price is not only the factor to ensure top rankings of ads. There are several other factors which determine the top rankings in search engines like click through rate, competition, historical data etc. Besides this PPC has certain benefits and downsides which should be discussed.

PPC campaigns give you an opportunity to widen your online customers horizon and an effective way to attract potential customers.

PPC campaigns are considered to be the most cost effective method to increase sales and to get a higher ROI.

With the help of PPC campaigns, you can easily control per visitors costs since you only pay for the visitors that actually click on your advertisement.

PPC programs give you the chance to opt for the correct and suitable words to promote your products and services. Although, the more you pay, the higher you will appear on search engines.

With Pay per click you can easily track response rate of your ads which was almost completely lacking in traditional offline advertising. Moreover, a PPC campaign enables you to get feedback instantly on who is responding to your ads.

PPC cannot always guarantee high traffic. Although its a popular method, it mostly receives less traffic and lower conversion rates than Search Engine Optimization.

PPC campaigns involve extensive keyword research. So, a selection of wrong keywords might generate very little or no traffic.

PPC campaigns can turn into futile campaigns if the caption and content is not effectively written to catch a users attention.

People are sometimes apprehensive and fear being misled or deceived by PPC ad campaigns. Thats why some people believe only organic listings which are regularly displayed on search engines instead of sponsored listings.

PPC campaigns can be very expensive and yet ineffectual if not executed cautiously. A PPC campaign should be carefully executed as it involves paying for each and every visitor also including those who dont buy your product or service..