How to Make Warhammer k Barbed Wire

How to Make Warhammer 40k Barbed Wire

When you have to protect your bunker or your house from burglar, terrorist and wild animals or enemies you gotta have a barbed wire attach to your fence. This will get those people who have bad intentions on you to think twice how to get into your house if you have a barbed wire into your fence.

Plus wild animals will not easily get into your place if you have it because it will get their skin wounded or scratched.

In wargaming adding barbed wire to your warhammer 40k terrain is always good to have some extra protection. It a relatively simple and easy process and looks great. Now for this Article we are going to show you step by step how to make barbed wire for Warhammer.ornaments hangers or paper clips

a reel of garden wire

The first step we gonna do is to make three equal sized lengths of garden wire. It is a wire used in gardening can be bought in any hardware store. We re not just focusing on just garden wires, you can actually use electrical wires as well, or multistrand wires. But for this project well be using garden wires.

Step 2 Strip wires

After cutting the garden wires into three equal sizes its time to get them strip. Strip the wires using a wire stripper or a utility knife.

Step 3 Twist wires

Its time to make it a real barbed wire by twisting the three wires together. Using a thick pair of pliers hold the three wires together on both ends and begin twisting.

Step 4 Add ornamental hangers

After you have twisted the wires its time to put some ornamental hangers to the twisted wires. Paper clips also work well in this step. To put the ornamental hangers simply wrap them around on the twisted wires.