How to Generate Lots of Leads Online For Very Little Money

How to Generate Lots of Leads Online For Very Little Money

One highly effective way to do that is by going online. In the virtual world, there is lots of inexpensive marketing to be had. There is a catch though You will have to pay one way or another if you don want to pay with money, you will have to put in time or leverage someone else time to get results.

No matter. If you need to get things going, you may well find this a very useful option.

Here are a few free and lowcost options:

Write articles about topics your potential clients would be interested in. This achieves two goals with one easy action: You reach potential clients, and you immediately establish yourself as an expert. The catch? You have to write the articles first and get them published.

Twitter is a powerhouse for marketing. And it is free as well. However, you have to put in a bit of legwork you have to set up your account and accumulate and cultivate a list of followers. Once you have done that, you be able to reap the rewards.

Facebook too is a true marketing powerhouse. And, like Twitter, it free. Like Twitter, it too requires legwork. The nice thing is that it works very well together with Twitter, and if you tie the two of them in with article marketing, you have a powerful combination.

All of the above will result in wasted time and effort, however, if you have no way to capture all those leads you generate. By capturing contact information you create a prospect database or Do you have one or several? If not, it high time to build one. The more people you have on your list, the better your return on your investment.

Because here the truth about lists: They the ultimate marketing tools more powerful than all the other three taken together. If you have a large enough list of loyal subscribers, you be able to market to them over and over and generate sales. And how that for marketing on a shoestring? It won even take much time!

You should know though, that a list isn totally free, of course. However, it very low cost in comparison to the payoff. You will need an autoresponder service, and probably web hosting and a domain name, at a bare minimum. Plus sweat equity.

Get started by setting up a simple lead capture page, or a blog. You also need something to lure those people onto your list like a free report, a sample or an audio. Then continue to share valuable information so they be responsive to your future offers.

Any one of the above can bring in prospects and buyers, but in combination, they make a highly effective marketing system and one that won cost you an arm and a leg.

And whether it online or offline, an effective introduction is crucial if you want to attract clients. Join Sue Clement at her upcoming FREE webinar on effective networking and discover how you can attract your ideal prospects and build your business.

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