How To Dress Glamorous

How To Dress Glamorous

We all want to achieve that glamourpuss look, every once in a while, think Marilyn Monroe, Brigit Bardot, Grace Kelly and Juliette Moore. It has a lot to do with confidence and attitude but there are also many tricks that you can pull off with your clothes to make doors start opening at your wake.

To go glamorous why not opt for that oldschool sense like Sophia Loren, its all long ball gowns in opulent or pretty colours think, wine, poppy and emerald. Opt for thigh split dresses or sweetheart necklines that showcase your sexy legs, collarbone and neck. If you are young and have a figure to die for then why not opt for a short minidress that is sensual and shows off your gorgeous curves. Style with sexy stilettos, drop earrings and for the ultimate in sexy siren chic oft for a fake fur coat or stool.

Perhaps you would prefer to look subtler, a more urban sense of glamour think Audrey Hepburn, that wealthy New York kind of aesthetic. To get this look opt for bateaux necklines with pencil styles that fall just below the knee, think the new midilength. Also pussybow ties and turned backcuffs that give a real elegant, rich professional look that is very sought for the demure city gal. Go for a neutral, timeless colour palette that will never tire think black, blue, white, nude and khaki. Also precious fabrics are also very important, so think rich silk, ecojersey and even a touch of cashmere. Maxi dresses are also a musthave for that casual sense of urban chic. Style with oversized sunglasses, gorgeous silk scarves and lookatme handbags.

In order to be truly glamorous you need to know what clothes look good on you. So dont opt for sexy bodycon if youre a pear shaped lady, as this isnt going to celebrate your assets. If you want to become a pro at glamour dressing than you will need to know about colour combining, its all about knowing what colours go together and what dont. So think nude and chocolate, grey and white and black and white. Try not to go for the colour clash concept that it is big right now as this is not particularly flattering and is more trendled. Step into our design studio, start designing and get exactly what you want. Create it online using our playful design tools, share it with our fashionsavvy community and when you are ready, just click on buy. It only takes up to ten days to have your special design ready and delivered to your door.

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