Improve Link Popularity with Article Writing and Publishing

Improve Link Popularity with Article Writing and Publishing

Among the many ways to improve link popularity and, consequently, search engine rankings, article writing and publishing is proven by time. The method works in many different ways. It gives your site a good exposure, more oneway links and targeted traffic, improves search engine rankings due to relevant keywords, and so on.

Of course, the articles need to be related to your website content, and include relevant keywords both in the title and in the body of the article. At the same time, the articles need to be useful to the reader, without artificial keyword stuffing, and generally something that can be called a great content.

In other words, in order to improve your link popularity, you need articles that motivate readers to bookmark your site or share the link with other readers; website owners also need to be impressed to such an extent that they publish your article o their website.

So, it is always good to start writing articles for your own site. Not o a higher number of pages with relevant keywords make it easier for Internet surfers to find your website, they also enrich your site with useful content. Make sure to create a standard resource box at the end of each article, where you can provide your personal details and link to your website. Mention that the article is free to be reprinted provided all the information and links are intact. Every time another website publishes your article, you get free instant exposure and a o link to your site.

Article submission directories are, of course, the main platform for your article distribution in order to improve link popularity. With hundreds of such free directories available, any article of yours can boost your site popularity in no time. If you use manual subscription method, the number of article directories you cover may have to be limited due to lack of time.

In this case, you need to select the o that rank high in search engines EzineArticles, GoArticles, ArticleCity are some of them. Dont forget about your resource box after all, it is the most important thing in the whole process of article publishing in order to improve link popularity.

Other ways your articles can be used include newsletters, free ebook distributing simply arrange all your articles in an appropriate order and your ebook is ready!, creating a mini article directory o your own website will make it more organized as well, and submitting articles to the websites related to your industry. As you see, article writing and publishing is well worth trying if you want to improve link popularity of your website at a low or no cost at all.

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